Freakish Dog With Autoimmune Disease Shows Charm Comes From Within

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Freakish Dog With Autoimmune Disease Shows Charm Comes From Within

Phoenix isn’t your average dog in terms of look. Sadly, he gets lots of judgment for the way he looks, as it usually scares people.

However, he’s much like every other dog and just wishes to love and be loved by somebody that understands that charm is more than just look.

This extremely wonderful canine was abandoned as a stray for about a year. He was scavenging for his food, and unfortunately, there were lots of people who turned a blind eye to his suffering once they got a closer look at him.

Nobody was willing to give him a chance. He was usually referred to as being “freakish” or ” scary.” But thankfully there are people out there who were able to look past his appearance to his internal beauty– the only beauty that actually matters.

Skiatook Paws & Claws Pet Rescue in Oklahoma fell in love with Phoenix as soon as they met him. The rescue was made aware of Phoenix’s plight when someone called the rescue to help him. They really did not hesitate and were undeterred by his looks. All they cared about was saving the dog.

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When Phoenix was taken in, the rescue could inform that he had once come from somebody. However, that sadly meant that whoever formerly owned him had failed to correctly look after him and let him wind up homeless on the streets.

He was skin and bones. You could see all his ribs,” claimed Carisa Ducharne from Skiatook Paws & Claws.” [He was] so inflamed that he could not close his eyes. He had a lot swelling and inflammation in his face.”

The rescue was unaware regarding just how Phoenix came to look the method he does. When they found him he was happy and not scared of humans in all– making it clear that whatever his past might have been his sweet nature had not been influenced by his past discomforts in any way.

Skiatook Paws & Claws on a regular basis post updates on Phoenix’s trip, and along the way, he has gained lots of love and fans who were willing to donate towards his medical care.

Family Pet Medicine who has worked hard to help Phoenix, figure that the poor dog most likely struggles with an autoimmune disease– however they’re not sure exactly which one it would certainly be yet. But the good news is that he is doing so much better than when he first was saved.

” He’s done nothing however improve every single day,” stated Ducharne. “I wouldn’t claim this is intentional injury, but neglect is also misuse, and he was without a doubt neglected.”

There have been lots of people reaching out to the shelter regarding Phoenix– as well as plenty of people who were providing to adopt him.

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While the rescue is thrilled to see the number of people were more than pleased to open their homes to this dog, the shelter has actually currently expressed that if Phoenix is ever up for fostering, it will certainly be when he’s completely healthy and ready for a forever home.

If you have an interest in donating to Phoenix or other canines in need, you can go to Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue and make a donation via their web site. site.

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