Little girl reunites with beloved cat after 3 years apart

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Little girl reunites with beloved cat after


Little girl reunites with beloved cat after 3 years apart

I needed a tissue when she thanked the team for finding her cat.

Check out Claudia and Cursor’s get-together in the video below.

When a pet goes missing for a long period of time, it’s easy to surrender hope. However Claudia Arnold never surrendered hope that her cat Cursor would one day return.

Little girl reunites with beloved cat after

Her cat went missing when she was just two years of ages.

Meanwhile, mother Kara Arnold instantly set up missing cat posters in the neighborhood and posted on Facebook for months, even years, after the beloved family cat disappeared.

Little Claudia cried about her missing cat for a long time.

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Each time Cursor would certainly show up in conversation, she would certainly obtain unfortunate again.

Kara continued her Facebook posts for three years. Her last article was in June.

By August, in the 3rd year of Cursor’s disappearance, somebody from the Nanaimo SPCA reached out to Kara saying they simply got a cat that appeared like Cursor.

” I had not been certain from the picture because it was kind of a strange angle,” Arnold said. “But after that she posted a video of him at the SPCA and I resembled ‘that is our cat.’”.

Kara wished to shock Claudia with Cursor’s homecoming so she brought her to the SPCA.

” I didn’t desire her to be disappointed if it had not been him prior to we knew for certain,” she said.

The SPCA decided to video Claudia’s meeting with the cat just in case.

When Claudia arrived at the shelter, the shelter staff asked her if she liked kitties and what kind.

The girl was then asked if she liked calico cats, and Claudia told them that she used to have a calico.

” Does it look like this?” the shelter employee asked prior to pulling out Cursor.

In spite of how young Claudia was when she lost Cursor and despite how long it had been since she had actually last seen him, she instantly identified her old friend.

Claudia gasped and held her hand to her mouth.

She had a big smile on her face when she went in for a big hug.

” I missed you so much Cursor,” Claudia said when she snuggled her cat.

” Thanks for providing my kitty back,” Claudia told the shelter employees.

The SPCA was more than pleased to reunite Claudia and Cursor.

” It’s so nice to see the smile on a little girl’s face,” SPCA branch supervisor Leon Davishe informed Nanaimo News Bulletin. “This can be a tough job emotionally sometimes, but it is these little glimmers of hope and hope in a child’s face that makes it all worthwhile.”.

They asked Claudia how long it had been because she last saw Cursor. She told them regarding 8 months.

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” I like you Cursor,” she informed her kitty before thanking the team again.

However that’s just what she thought. It had actually been 3 entire years. Cursor was only at the SPCA for a short time prior to he was reunited with his family. He was found near the Westwood Lake location. Where he was for those 3 years is anyone’s guess.

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