Little Stray Pup Plummets from the Sky, Defies Odds to Survive

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This brave little pup is truly heartwarming!

In a truly unbelievable turn of events, a 6-week-old puppy faced a tragic accident but showed incredible resilience. A group of construction workers, after a hard day’s work, heard the distressed cries of the tiny dog. Without hesitation, they sprang into action, knowing time was of the essence.

Despite their efforts to locate the source of the sounds on the ground, they soon realized the cries were coming from above. Looking up, they witnessed a heart-wrenching scene: a hawk carrying the Chihuahua puppy in its talons.

The workers were shocked as the hawk dropped the Chihuahua onto them. Rushing to the puppy’s side, they were amazed to find that his injuries were not as severe as expected. They quickly took him to the nearest vet clinic, where he was thoroughly examined and found to be in stable condition.

Upon arriving at the Austin Animal Center (AAC), the young pup, dubbed Tony Hawk, was found to be in surprisingly good shape after his ordeal with the hawk. With some scratches, bruises, and bumps, he received IV fluids to aid in his recovery.

Thanks to the dedicated care he received, Tony Hawk is on the road to recovery and is receiving the necessary nourishment. Once he is fully healed, he will be available for adoption to a loving home.

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