Malnourished Kittens Found Trapped In Wall During Remodel Are Flourishing, Thanks To Your Support

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Cats, and especially kittens, are curious by nature which often leads them into dangerous areas. Read on to learn how your donations have helped two malnourished kittens found in an unusual place.

The kittens were found trapped in a wall during a remodel and brought to a local shelter. The kittens arrived at El Reno Animal Shelter in Oklahoma starving and covered in parasites.

Photo: El Reno Animal Shelter

Staff immediately started to bottle feed the little felines, thanks to donated bottles and formula you helped provide.

Screenshot: El Reno Animal Shelter

But that’s not all.

Your donations also provided much-needed cat food, litter, cat trees, toys, and topical flea meds. The money saved on these essential supplies allowed the shelter to provide medical care to these kittens and many more, so thank you for your continued support.

Photo: El Reno Animal Shelter

The kittens, who have been named Cotton Ball and QTip, continue to grow stronger and are thriving in a foster home as their wait to be adopted. They are exploring their new surroundings and love to play on the donated cat trees.

Photo: El Reno Animal Shelter

These orphaned kittens and countless more rely on the donated formula and the close care of shelter workers to make it through the first critical days. Kitten season has just begun and shelters across the country are seeing an increase in orphaned and sick kittens. They need our help.

Photo: El Reno Animal Shelter

Will you be an honorary mother by purchasing formula to feed these newborns? Just $15 provides formula needed to support an orphaned pet from birth to weaning. Donate today!

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