Man Gets To Know Dog Who’s A ‘Lovable Lemon,’ Now He’s Indispensable

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Man Gets To Know Dog Who’s A ‘Lovable Lemon,’ Now He’s Indispensable

Meet Mr. Muggles, a special needs dog with an inspiring story. Born with hydrocephalus, a condition where spinal fluid causes pressure on the brain, Mr. Muggles’ skull never fully formed. This led to his breeder giving him up. That’s when Road Dogs, a rescue organization, stepped in to help.

One of the volunteers at Road Dogs nursed Mr. Muggles back to health before his foster mom, Bella, took care of him. Eventually, Mr. Muggles found his forever home with his dad, Blake, who drove 17 hours from Los Angeles to Seattle to bring him home. Hydrocephalic dogs cannot fly due to the pressure on their brains, so the long drive was necessary.

Hydrocephalus conditions can vary greatly between dogs. While Mr. Muggles may be developmentally simple, he is a kind, cuddly, and happy dog who loves to be on people’s laps. However, due to the two holes on the top of his head, he is at risk for head injuries for the rest of his life. This is where Blake’s ingenuity came in.

Blake, who has a background in the automotive space, decided to create a custom helmet for Mr. Muggles to protect his head. Most helmets available for dogs don’t have padding, which Blake felt was crucial for Mr. Muggles’ safety. He created a stencil of Mr. Muggles’ head, hand-laid carbon fiber, and added padding to create the helmet that Mr. Muggles wears today.

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The current helmet is just a prototype, and Blake plans on making an improved version for Mr. Muggles to wear. The helmet not only provides protection for the pup but also gives Blake peace of mind, knowing that his beloved dog is safe from harm.

Despite his medical condition, Mr. Muggles is not in any pain or discomfort and enjoys life to the fullest. He has the ability to make a good day even better or turn a gloomy day into a joyous one just by being himself.

For Blake, it’s essential to give love, compassion, and care to special needs dogs like Mr. Muggles, who is his second ‘hydro dog.’ They may be the “lovable lemons” or the “underdogs,” but helping them achieve a joyous life and prevail is incredibly rewarding.

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