Man Gives Dog Chained Up For 15 Years His Own Freedom Ceremony

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Man Gives Dog Chained Up For 15 Years His Own Freedom Ceremony

Rocky lived his entire life on a chain. For 15 years, all he knew was the little yard beside his owner’s home.

Takis, a rescuer that works tirelessly to save animals in Greece, got a phone call from Rocky’s owner. The man claimed he can no longer care for Rocky, so Takis raced over.

The canine was hesitant to satisfy Takis at first. The rescuer wasn’t sure how much contact Rocky had with humans and expected him to be frightened but he was actually truly great with people! Especially when Takis introduced him to two volunteers. The senior pup actually smiled after sniffing one of their hands.

Once back at Takis Shelter, Rocky was let out of his crate. After that, Takis performed a beautiful ceremony– he took off Rocky’s chain, threw it to the ground, and claimed, “No more!” Rocky will learn what life must resemble. Prepare for major pup smiles and an lovable surprise! Rocky, keep up those tail wags! You deserve it!

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