Shelter Dog Adopts Three Orphaned Kittens

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A heartwarming story unfolds at the Animal Shelter of Pickens County in Jasper, Georgia, where Mary, a Beagle mix, becomes a mother not only to her own puppies but also to three abandoned kittens.

Arriving at the shelter pregnant, Mary quickly took on the role of caring for the young kittens that were left at the shelter’s doorstep after giving birth to her litter of puppies.

From the moment she was introduced to the kittens, Mary displayed unwavering love and protection towards them, ensuring they remained close by her side.

Judy Moody, an employee at the shelter, shared, “She loves her kittens. I took two of them away and she had a heart attack, poor thing. I brought them back and she was so happy.”

One instance even saw Mary intervening to prevent a kitten from being separated during feeding time, highlighting her deep bond and care for the little ones.

These kittens are receiving the nurturing care they need to flourish, benefiting from the warmth and companionship offered by Mary in their crucial early stages of life.

Soon, Mary’s kittens will be available for adoption at the Animal Shelter of Pickens County, alongside her puppies, as they all hope to find forever homes.

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