Stray Kitten Tries Her Best For Her Disabled Baby

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Stray Kitten Tries Her Best For Her Disabled Baby


Stray Kitten Tries Her Best For Her Disabled Baby

The incredible kitten amazed thousands of YouTube netizens with her motherly love. Her little calf has paralysis in her hind legs and the cat did not stop defending her versus some people who came to her rescue.

The tender pictures have relocated thousands of YouTube users by the self-sacrificing love shown by a feline mom for her kid who has paralyzed back legs. The video went viral on social media networks for its shocking content.

The feline, together with her little baby, lives on the roof of a building and thanks to the support of the neighbors they have food and water. However, the locals were very concerned about the delicate situation of the little kitty, because he can not walk and the large number of flies that remain in the place worsen his health.

A video clip taped and shared on YouTube shows the precise moment when the team of rescuers comes to their help, but the mom avoids the ‘strangers’ from taking her son out of his sanctuary.

However, rescuers devised a strategy to distract the cat’s focus and get the kitty out. They put food in a cage and after it took the hook, they locked it up and managed to take it away for clinical treatment. Both kitties (mother and kid) are already in the hands of specialists who will provide the respective treatment.

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The story of the loving mother has actually moved thousands of users, who two days after the clip was released has actually achieved more than 300,000 sights on YouTube.

“Thank God they located the mother and the kitty in time. The baby would certainly never ever have actually survived. Thanks to everybody associated with this rescue “,” I hope that they have a home, that they are constantly with each other and provide a great deal of love and treatment “,” This story made me cry “, were some of the comments from YouTube users.

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