Wonderful stray cat chase woman’s car and begs her to take her home

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Wonderful stray cat chase woman’s car and begs her to take her home

Charli, who owns an animal shelter, had never seen a cat chase her down before.

Charli, owner of The Arc Animal Shelter in Lefkada, Greece, always loved to help out local strays in her village.

However she was definitely taken aback when she met a stray cat that she named Annie.

” When I first met Annie, she was one of the friendliest strays I think I’ve ever before found,” Charli Said.

After Charli returned into her car after meeting Annie, she noticed the cat was chasing after her vehicle.

Annie had made up her mind that Charli was going to be her human.

” I have actually never ever had a roaming follow me or my car anywhere,” said Charli.

So, Charli recognized she had to take Annie in. After providing Annie some good caring treatment and teaching her how to play, Annie decided to assist Charli run her shelter.

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She handled some duties as a surrogate mom to some little kittens that got in the sanctuary. She was completely smitten by the little kittens at first sight.

Annie even made the nickname Nannie Annie and has 3 surrogate children: Remi, Dolores, and Mumu.

When the three little kittens came into Charli’s treatment, Annie would let her recognize when it was time to feed the babies.

She would certainly pick them up by the scruff of their neck and carry them over to Charli to bottle feed them.

” She chose them up and put the baby in front of me as if to say, ‘The baby’s hungry. I haven’t got any milk so can you please bottle feed this one.’ And I bottle fed this baby and then I place the baby down and then she went and got the other and I was like this cat is so smart,” Charli claimed.

Charli’s shelter was pretty complete before she took on the kittycats.

So, she hesitated to take them in at first, but she quickly learned that Annie was “all the assistance I require.”

“She’s just got such incredible motherly instincts. She does not leave their side. She’s [Annie] not producing milk but they’re [the kittens] still always stretched out on her anyway,” said Charlie.

There was something truly wonderful about the love that Annie felt for these little kittens. She took care of them as their own.

But eventually, the cats grew up.

Charlie figured that Annie would certainly end up taking on various other new kittens as her surrogate children, however that didn’t quite happen.

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Annie will usually hang out at the shelter for a little while, grab a bite to eat, and after that spend the rest of her day on her own exploring the island during the summertime. Annie loves her freedom.

” So take in every one of Annie’s beauty today because tomorrow she might be at the hotel down the road for a week acting like she has no place to go and she’s starving. In the winter she chooses to come and snuggle in my bed with me and I do not mind having her for half the year!” said Charlie.

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