12 Orphaned Kittens Survive Thanks To Donated Milk Replacement That You Helped Supply

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‘Tis the season of giving and animal shelters are in desperate need of help.

They are overcrowded and struggling to feed and care for all the homeless dogs and cats. Their Christmas wish is for all of the animals to find loving homes and to have enough supplies to properly feed and care for them until that happens.

Greater Good Charities’ GOODS program helps shelters and rescues across the country by providing food, toys, and other essential supplies.

Photo: Veterinarians to the Rescue

Thanks to your continued support, GOODS is able to deliver supplies that save lives, like milk replacement for orphaned kittens and puppies.

Veterinarians to the Rescue (VTTR) was able to save the lives of 12 orphaned kittens thanks to a generous donation of milk replacement, bottles, and soft blankets, which the dedicated staff used to bottle feed and care for the tiny felines.

Photo: Veterinarians to the Rescue

The shelter shared with us that they named the litters of kittens with different letters in the alphabet to keep track. “This is the V Group! Valentino, Vincent, Valerie, Vernon and Victor. They were relinquished as 2-week-old kittens, necessitating bottle feeding, and round the clock care. The V’s were thin, hungry and unthrifty when they arrived in a dirty cardboard box. They were immediately fed, with the donation of KMR and nursing bottles. Once settled, they were bathed, blow dried and placed in the donated soft, purple blankets. Being bottle feds, they are messy, do those blankets were replaced and laundered several times a day. They provided warmth and softness that they lacked by being orphans and helped nurture them into the happy, well adjusted, rambunctious 7-week-olds they are now!”

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Photo: Veterinarians to the Rescue

Another orphaned litter called the U group contained seven kittens who were in need of milk replacement, baths, and constant care. The shelter wrote, “Uno, Ursula, Ulysses, Usha, Uma, Udo, Uliana. Of course there would be 7 when we are at the letter U!”

Photo: Veterinarians to the Rescue

They are all thriving now.

Photo: Veterinarians to the Rescue

None of this would have been possible without your support, so thank you. The shelter is grateful for the donations and said, “Together, VTTR and Greater Good Charities have given the hopeless life and opportunity. These kittens would have inevitably died had we not intervened, but all survived. We thank you on their behalf.”

While theses kittens have a bright future ahead, many more are in need of nutritious food. Join us in feeding hungry shelter pets around the country through our Holiday Pet Food Drive.

Help us reach our goal of 3 million meals for hungry pets. Just $25 ships 500 meals — donate now to save animal lives.

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