A Mom with No Hind Legs Cares for Her Homeless Kids with Love

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Animals possess an extraordinary capacity to adjust and thrive in their environments, a quality particularly evident in stray dogs who face daily obstacles as they search for sustenance and shelter. It is truly remarkable to observe how disabled dogs, such as those living on the streets, not only manage to survive but also flourish.

Shi Bao, also referred to as “the mother,” led a different life before finding herself homeless. After being abandoned by her owner, she sought safety at Datong’s Kouguan train station in Shanxi Province. Unfortunately, she experienced a tragic incident that resulted in the loss of her hind legs, likely due to a collision with a car or train. Despite this setback, she has demonstrated incredible resilience in surviving independently.

Recently, Shi Bao gave birth to a litter of adorable and healthy puppies. Every day, this determined mother takes her little ones around the railway station, searching for food. She ensures their safety by keeping them close to her side.

Regrettably, animals in China do not receive the same legal protections as their counterparts in other countries. However, despite the challenges faced by homeless animals, we hold onto the hope that Shi Bao and her puppies will find a compassionate Samaritan or an animal rescue organization that will provide them with a loving home, putting an end to their difficult and solitary life on the streets. Shi Bao’s remarkable resilience serves as a testament to her deserving a brighter future. It is our belief that all animals should be treated with love and care.

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