A Rescuer Learns a Valuable Lesson When Adopting a Hospice Cat

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One of the most difficult things that a pet parent has to go through is when their pet passes away. It’s unfortunate that they have short life spans compared to humans, but we love them so much that we just continue to bring more and more into our homes.

Sometimes, however, we need to make a decision when it comes to adopting a pet. That is what one woman experienced when adopting a senior cat with cancer.

At first, she was nervous that adopting Elton would be a very painful experience. She knew that he had a short life ahead of him, as he had basal cell carcinoma on an inoperable spot.

Photos: YouTube / Best Friends Animal Society

She decided to make the leap, and in doing so, she learned a special lesson and found love with the cat that broke every rule in the rulebook.

She found Elton when an Instagram page had an adoption special for senior cats. When she brought him into the home, it wasn’t long before she found out that he had a spicy personality that really stood out.

She did know that he was having difficulties because of cancer, so she took Elton to an oncologist, and that really helped with his quality of life.

After adjusting to life in his new home, he calmed down, and they found that he had a real passion for the life he was living. He loved playing, enjoyed being with the other cats in the house, and greeted the family every morning.

Rather than simply having a cat in the home, she decided that she was going to give Elton the best time of his life. That was when she discovered he enjoyed car rides and he loved meeting new people.

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Photos: YouTube / Best Friends Animal Society

They started their journey through life together, and even though it was ultimately a short journey, it was one that was well worth the ride.

Eventually, the time came when Elton was nearing the end of his life. She knew that a decision would have to be made, but it seemed as if Elton made the decision on his own.

Even the last day of his life was a good day for this spicy cat. He woke up and greeted everyone in the home, as he usually did, and peacefully passed away.

In the end, she admits that if she had nine lives like cats do, she would adopt Elton every single time.

It was an experience that taught her just how much these hospice cats can offer to a family. It’s a leap that is well worth taking.

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