Australian Animal Shelter Throws “Pity” Party For Adult Cats To Help Them Find Loving Homes

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Adult cats are constantly overlooked for kittens at shelters, so Australian Animal Protection Society (AAPS) did something special to highlight their adoptable adult felines.

While kittens are adorable, they have endless energy and are still figuring out what they can and can’t scratch. Adult cats are typically more mellow and already have good manners. Sadly, adopters stroll right by them.

Shelter staff at AAPS decided to celebrate their longtime adult cats by throwing a “Feline Pity Party”. The party featured cats that have been waiting at the shelter for over 100 days.

Tons of people showed up and instead of walking by the adult felines they were the stars. They received all the attention and affection, which they loved.

It was finally a day all about them.

@aaps_victoria Of course we celebrate our kitties EVERY day, but it was so amazing to see such an incredible turn out from the public yesterday at our Feline Pity Party! fingers crossed all these little munchkins get the forever homes they deserve asap! #adoptionisthebestoption #adoptdontshop #adoptacat #rescuecat #animalshelter #animalshelter #sheltercat #catsoftiktok #catlover #animalrescue #foreverhome #adoption #catadoption ♬ som original – Dan

The goal was to find these loving cats a family of their own – and it worked!

A video posted on the shelter’s TikTok showed the public interacting with the cats and one woman captured the attention of viewers and the heart of a shelter cat named Luna.

One person commented, “If that lady at the end didn’t adopt that cat, the world just isn’t right.”

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Luna is described as one of the most affectionate cats at the shelter and while she was popular with guests, she received just one application. But it was the right one.

The shelter posted another video to share the amazing news that Luna was adopted by the woman in the video. Grab a tissue and take a look.

@aaps_victoria Replying to @VictoriaC UPDATE on lovely Luna… this one was a tear jerker #adoptionisthebestoption #adoptdontshop #adoptacat #rescuecat #animalshelter #sheltercat #catsoftiktok #animalrescue #foreverhome #adoption #catadoption #adoptionjourney #melbourne ♬ original sound – <3

She wasn’t the only cat to find a loving home…

A few days after the party, Pete a FIV-positive cat who has been at the shelter for over 200 days has finally found his person. He is a special boy who has overcome a lot and the shelter is thrilled he has found a “family who accepts him and loves him for who he is.”

@aaps_victoria Replying to @WendiBroski this is a moment that many of you (us included) have been paitently waiting for… enjoy #adoptionisthebestoption #adoptdontshop #adoptacat #rescuecat #animalshelter #sheltercat #catsoftiktok #catsoftiktok #catadoption #melbourne #animalrescue #foreverhome #adoptionjourney #catrescue ♬ dandelions –

Australian Animal Protection Society is devoted to helping all shelter pets find loving homes. Follow them on TikTok to see more adoptable cats and happily ever after stories.

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