Bonded Felines Sweet Pea & French Toast Need a Forever Home Together

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Like a fish needing water, Sweet Pea needs French Toast. The Southern Arizona Cat Rescue believes them to be relatives of some sort with a very special bond. These girls have been through a lot since they’ve known the . . . living outdoors, trying to survive after being possibly abandoned, and the loss of some of their babies are just a few of the major things. They didn’t choose this life, but SACatRescue wants nothing more than to help them find the happily-ever-after life they deserve!

Both girls are sweet but take a while to adapt and come out of their shells. While shy, French Toast is the braver of the two and LOVES being petted when she feels safe. She can get overstimulated at times, so it’s vital her adopters understand her cues. She loves her people and has even shown interest in playing with quieter toys.

Adoptable Cat Sweet Pea

adoptable cat
Photo: SACatRescue’s Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea will not come out without French Toast around. She seems to check with her that the surroundings are safe first. Once out and comfy, she will allow pets and just enjoys quietly hanging out. They both have very soft fur and are good girls. They just need a patient home willing to let them adapt on their terms at their own pace and love them unconditionally while they enjoy the luxury of indoor living!

For their comfort, it is best their forever home is more on the quiet side. They could live with other kitties with proper introductions. No dogs, though. And as for kids, only older children who understand their boundaries are recommended.

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Adoptable Cat French Toast

adoptable cat
Photo: SACatRescue’s French Toast

Both girls are spayed, current on vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. They are also house-trained and have no special needs. If you could give them the forever home they deserve, please fill out the adoption application on SACatRescue’s website. For more info, call (520) 200-1643 or email

Even if you’re not interested in bringing another pet into your home right now, please share these girls with everyone you know to help improve their chances at adoption sooner rather than later.

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