No one believed “pumpkin head” dog would survive – four weeks later, he has proven everyone wrong

He was promptly taken to the veterinarian for treatment. ”I went to visit him. I cried; I couldn’t comprehend it. He had no hope; no one had ever cared for him, and he was just a puppy. He was only ten months old,” Shoelace around the neck Someone had wrapped a shoelace around his neck, … Đọc tiếp

Abandoned stray dog chases police officer along the street, hangs on his feet, begging to be adopted

In addition to pledging to protect and rescue people, police officers also feel a sense of responsibility for the lives of all living beings. Society admires their audacious deeds. Here’s an instance of a kind and considerate police officer saving a helpless and defenseless animal. In a polite manner, two officers from the Los Angeles … Đọc tiếp

Missing Child Found in Mass. After Dog Follows Scent For 2 Miles

A missing 12-year-old child was found after a police K9 tracked her scent on Wednesday night. The Auburn, Mass. police learned around 10:30 p.m. that the child had been missing from her home for around two hours, according to a post on the Auburn Police Department’s Facebook page. Massachusetts State Police troopers then joined local officers … Đọc tiếp

7 yrs after rescuing lioness, he sees her again – She pounces in jaw-dropping reunion

Kevin Richardson, dubbed the Lion Whisperer, witnessed a lioness abandoning her cubs by scuffing of their neck and tossing them aside. He knew he had to step in and save the little babies that otherwise wouldn’t survive without their mother by their side. Kevin grew fond of the loving cubs and now seven years later, he was … Đọc tiếp

Fascinating Optical Illusion: The Atlas Moth Disguised as a Snake

The natural world is filled with incredible species and fascinating phenomena. As we observe the interactions between different organisms and their ability to adapt to their environment, we gain a deeper appreciation for the balance and diversity of our planet. Recently, I stumbled upon some captivating images of what appeared to be three angry snakes … Đọc tiếp

A Pregnant Dog Suddenly Got Hit By a Car, But No One Expected What Happened Next

The Chihuahua ended up at Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue in Hermiston, Oregon, after getting hit by a car while in labor. According to the rescue’s Facebook, the dog was taken to the Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic to have her leg amputated due to injuries from the accident. Xena also had to have an emergency C-section, … Đọc tiếp

Farmer found newborn “puppies” in a field: after a while it dawned on him that they are not puppies!

Being a farmer means a daily commitment to your farm animals. It’s a challenging job, but it’s nice. Being surrounded by animals is undoubtedly exciting, and farmers know very well that their farm is often visited by uninvited guests looking for food along the way. Shimoda is a farmer from China who found his peace … Đọc tiếp