Elderly Ukraine Man Devotes His Days To Feeding Homeless Animals

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Every morning, an elderly man named Valeriy rises with the sun to feed the homeless pets of Ukraine. He is wandering the streets before most people are awake and is greeted by hungry dogs and cats.

He has been caring for the abandoned and stray animals for years, including feeding the stray pets outside his place of employment.

Photo: © United for Animals (UfA)

His wife, Olena, is also an animal lover and helps nurse sick pets back to health. The couple had to evacuate their home in Avdiivka when the Russians invaded, and their home was destroyed.

They have settled in Novohrodivka and are still going above and beyond for animals. Valeriy continues to start his day by feeding the homeless animals at gathering points as his wife cares for sick felines at home.

Photo: © United for Animals (UfA)

Thanks to your continued support, Greater Good Charities, and United for Animals (UFA), pet food was provided to Valeriy to continue his mission to care for the animals left behind.

Photo: © United for Animals (UfA)

UFA told us, “Although not everyone likes the idea of feeding packs of dogs, this man always carries a bag of treats for stray animals. They took two rescued cats with them, which Olena treated in Avdiivka, and now she has taken two more sick cats, which she is treating at home. Life goes on, and this couple believes in the best, trying to give their love to the animals.”

Photo: © United for Animals (UfA)

Recently, UFA shared that several more trucks were loaded with dog and cat food and headed to Ukraine shelters to feed thousands of pets. They wrote, “Helping the shelters doesn’t stop! We can’t rest because we know animals that need help are waiting for us.”

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Your donations are making a difference in the lives of Ukraine pets. Check out the video below to see all of the food that is on the way to shelters.

Times are still tough in Ukraine for people and pets. UFA states how together we can assist heroes in heavily bombed areas who are caring for injured and starving pets. Your support helps these pets get the care and food they desperately need.

“Many animals bring our military from ancestors, villages and cities where there are no more people left,” UFA coordinator Julia Druzhkivka wrote. “They can’t ask for anything, only their eyes full of horror, torn paws and explosive wounds can tell you what they have experienced! We take in such animals, treat wherever possible and find new families for them, shelters somewhere far from fighting! Many volunteers stay in the city because they can’t leave those who wait for them on the streets of the city every day!”

Valeriy is one of those brave individuals who cares for the innocent animals in his town. With your help, we are sending much-needed pet food and supplies to Ukraine. Please consider donating to help feed even more homeless pets.

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