Emergency kitten rescue: finding sick kittens in a basement

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We found three kittens clinging to life in a dark, dirty basement, with their eyes crusted shut and a dangerously low body temperature. This challenging story highlights just how bad things are for thousands of kittens who are born outside in Brooklyn every year. Please join us as a monthly supporter to help make this lifesaving work possible: https://www.flatbushcats.org/donate

This video covers steps we took to try and stabilize them – including getting them warm, giving a flea bath, cleaning their eyes, administering fluids, and feeding them a high calorie slurry.

We can’t rescue or adopt our way out of a problem this big. To help us end the cat overpopulation crisis once and for all, please consider becoming a monthly supporter: https://www.flatbushcats.org/donate

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