Grandma Creates Custom Book About Kitten’s 2-Week Sleepover At Her House

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A tiny rescue kitten in Rochester, New York had the chance to spend two weeks with his grandma and the resulting photobook is precious.

Izzie Grass (TikTok user @goldfishclub) shared about the photobook on TikTok and it quickly went viral. saying that her mother created the book after having the kitten over for two weeks.

Photo: TikTok/@goldfishclub

In an interview with Newsweek, Izzie explained that her 3-year-old cat, Ricky, enjoyed a 2-week stay with her mom back in 2019 as a tiny kitten. When Izzie went to pick the kitten up, she was presented with an adorable photobook outlining Ricky’s visit with his grandparents.

In the book, you can see Ricky arriving at Grandma’s house, enjoying pancakes, playing with friends, and more! It’s really something sweet and that’ll serve as a keepsake for years.

Photo: TikTok/@goldfishclub
Photo: TikTok/@goldfishclub

“My mother created the book and, in her own words, she made the book because ‘that’s what she does.’ She is known for creating very sentimental gifts,” Izzie said to Newsweek.

Check out the video below to see the book for yourself:

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According to Newsweek, Izzie rescued Ricky when he was brought into the veterinary clinic she worked at. Someone brought him in to euthanize because he was suffering from birth defects that affected all four of his legs.

Izzie said, “The veterinarians came in and we agreed that this kitten did not have to be euthanized, but would need specialized care. I took him home with the intent of transferring him to a rescue that specialized in animals with special needs rather than allow him to be euthanized. However, none were willing to take him.”

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Photo: TikTok/@goldfishclub

In a follow-up video, Izzie explained that her decision to leave Ricky with her parents for two weeks was due to his special needs and health issues. He couldn’t eat on his own and she worried about leaving him alone while she was student teacher.

She added in the comments that she actually intended to foster Ricky until a permanent placement could be made, but her mom convinced her to adopt him. I think it’s safe to say that Izzie’s mom is loving and embracing the role of grandma!

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While that was back in 2019, Ricky is still living with Izzie and he’s learned how to walk, run, and play and seems to be enjoying life to the fullest!

His legs may never be the same, but he doesn’t let that slow him down.

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You can keep up with Ricky and Izzie on TikTok, @goldfishclub.

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