Homeless Dog in Purple Sweater patiently waits for assistance

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For a community of neighbors who are fond of animals, encountering a stray dog in their area was a common sight.

Having already rescued numerous dogs, each with its own specific requirements, they were well-equipped to handle any new arrivals.

However, when they spotted a puppy wearing a soft purple sweater coughing in a nearby park, they became concerned about its well-being.

Although their usual practice was to spay or neuter the dogs they took in and then release them back into the neighborhood, this time the dedicated team felt compelled to take additional action.

Rescue Mission

dog in sweater sleeping outdoorSource: Beatriz Ordaz via The Dodo

One of the rescuers, Beatriz Ordaz, decided to take the pup into her warm home and provide her with some medical assistance.

As soon as she felt some affection, the doggo, who was now named Catalina the Great, immediately showed signs of improvement.

Nevertheless, Beatriz put her on a strict treatment schedule.

“My son and I give her nebulization treatments. She’s doing better, but she still doesn’t have a family,” Beatriz told The Dodo.

little boy helping inhaled dogSource: Beatriz Ordaz via The Dodo

Although she knows nothing about this sweet pup’s past life, Beatriz suspects that she wasn’t on the streets her entire life. This was because Catalina showed signs of once being a house dog.

“She definitely lived in a house before, since she loves climbing up on her couch. She’s a dog who loves to socialize with people,” she added.

Catalina the Great is the nicest pup ever – something that is true for most of the dogs wandering the streets. This is because all of them share her faith in being cruelly abandoned without a single good reason.

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dog with little boy at homeSource: Beatriz Ordaz via The Dodo

With this fact in mind, Beatriz and her neighbors are determined to show every single stray the love and appreciation they deserve – and as of right now, it is Catalina’s turn.

“I hope in my heart that someone gives this girl a chance. As of now, I’m waiting for her to recover 100 percent from her respiratory illness,” she said.

dog in purple sweater laying on his bedSource: Beatriz Ordaz via The Dodo
Road To Recovery

Because Catalina was so attached to her sweater, Beatriz decided not to take it off. It was also very helpful in her recovery as it was keeping her not only nice and warm, but happy, too.

Since nobody decided to take in this adorable pup, her rescuer will continue taking care of her until somebody steps up and gives her the safe and loving home she truly deserves.

dog on tilesSource: Beatriz Ordaz via The Dodo

The most important thing is that this pup is finally somewhere safe, surrounded by hoomans who remind her every day just how important she is.

“Dogs give us so many chances. They put their trust in us, even when we’ve failed. We have a lot to learn from them,” Beatriz concluded.

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