How to foster a mom cat and her kittens

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We found Mama Stracciatella – and her one day old kittens – in a Brooklyn apartment building basement where at least 20 other cats were fighting to survive. Thanks to your help, they’re all enjoying the good life now!

Fostering a cat from your local shelter or rescue group is an important way to save lives – especially during the spring and summer when kitten season is in full swing.

But what is it like to be a foster parent? In this video, you’ll watch these little nuggets grow up with their mom, Mama Stracciatella, and learn how you can help a family just like this.

If you’re able to make room in your life for a family just like this – please consider fostering this year. You will literally be saving lives, while creating your own memories that last a lifetime.

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Flatbush Cats is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on reducing the outdoor cat population in Brooklyn. We’re building a new affordable spay neuter clinic to address the root of this crisis. Learn more at

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