Joe Rogan's 'Sick Fish 2.0' 1970 Cuda – 750hp DOHC SB4

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Gorgeous muscle car 1970 Cuda with transformation and modification to custom well-built Sick Fish 2.0 with 750 hp SB4 DOHC engine. Walk around, stylish view, outside checking, great engine sound, ride and drive, high performance on the road, incredible speed value we can be face to face in this catching breath trip.

Take a look to a car specification the classic muscle car 1970 Cuda was modified to custom Sick Fish with more strong engine and high performance. It recognized with torque 750 hp at 8,000 rpm. Equipped with Mercury Racing SB4 DOHC engine. That SB4 motor sounds glorious. The exterior has elegant sleek silver grey coloring with its smooth lines, own styled wheels and tires, long front side with its vintage view, two doors coupe. The interior includes suitable minimalistic dashboard and inside design, comfortable black covering seats. As we see it was spent a lot of attention to details, and in result an absolute work of art.

Have a full of joyment journey with custom 1970 Cuda Sick Fish in its transformation. If you are interested in custom modified vehicle this video can be joyful for you. Watch, enjoy, have a lot of pleasant moments and share with your friends this striking video!

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