1400HP 528 ci Blown Hemi Powered Plymouth GTX Has a Priceless Sound!

For Americans, the desire for stunning appearance is often as powerful as the desire they have for the engine sitting under the hood. Some vehicles have only the appearance that attracts the eyes at the very first glance. Some others are designed to be powerful with their roaring engine. Some of them, on the other … Đọc tiếp

Two of the Most Iconic Muscle Cars: 1968 & 1969 Dodge Chargers

You have probably seen lots of muscle cars so far, but have ever thought what does this term means exactly? The term “muscle car” is used to describe a variety of high-performance vehicles with a big and heavy motor. There are certain opinions and criteria on people’s minds about what makes a vehicle a muscle … Đọc tiếp

502ci Big Block Powered 1972 Chevelle SS Makes Nasty Burnouts

Legend! What a magical word it is! Do you know what is a legend? Chevrolet is a legend and vehicles manufactured by this automotive giant are all legends. Among these legends, Chevrolet Chevelle takes one step further. Chevelle is technically a mid-size automobile designed manufactured and marketed by world-famous auto-maker Chevrolet in three generations from … Đọc tiếp

"Nightmare" 1967 For Mustang Enchants With Its Elegance!

Mustang! A compact car by Ford! This is one of the rare machines that made a striking revolution in the American automotive industry! Not only Americans, but also people from the other countries know something about Mustang. We can easily visualize its classic image. But, what we know about the history of this ground-breaking machine? … Đọc tiếp

Let Your Ears Enjoy the Sweet Sound of This 1968 Dodge Charger's Cold Start!

Imagine that you’re living in a soundless world. We mean literally soundless. No sound. Even a tiny noise. It’s not just you, the whole world is silent. Birds are not singing. Boiling water doesn’t make a noise. You hit to a hard surface and it makes no sound. You can’t whistle. You can’ talk. No … Đọc tiếp

1968 Ford Torino is Getting Its Makeup Done By Professionals

Restoration as the action of returning something to a former condition bears a great significance for the objects of the past. When it comes to classic cars, restoration becomes vital to keep them alive in the present and make them available for the future. Without restoration, it wouldn’t be possible for us to enjoy the … Đọc tiếp

Rick Steinke's 1967 Chevelle Malibu Sedan is the Fruit of Hard Work and Dedication

When you spend so much time on something, it eventually becomes your signature. This is the case for Rick Steinke of Pennsylvania and his 1967 Chevelle Malibu that he owns since the age of 14. This ’67 four-door Chevelle Malibu Sedan was an amazing present from his lovely parents, he drove this gorgeous machine proudly … Đọc tiếp

1967 Chevrolet Nova's Restoration is a Work of Art!

Agree or not, Chevrolet Nova was one of the most impressive compact cars of all times. It’s technically a small automobile manufactured by the American auto giant Chevrolet and stayed in production for five generations between the years 1962 and 1988. The Chevy Nova looks so beautiful that it’s a privilege to own and drive … Đọc tiếp

This is How It's Like to Have a Ride with Million Dollar 1000hp Ford Mustang "Vicious"

You know that YouTube is a great platform for auto-lovers like you and us. If you’re looking for a way to have some quality time on your own you can easily find countless videos about some super cool vehicles on YouTube. All you should do is to check out certain channels dedicated to cars. AutotopiaLA, … Đọc tiếp