Kitten Makes Incredible Change After Being Rescued From Freezing Mud

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Kitten Makes Incredible Change After Being Rescued From Freezing Mud


Kitten Makes Incredible Change After Being Rescued From Freezing Mud

While walking one day, a great samaritan saw a small kitty in freezing mud, stuck under debris. It was September, however it was still extremely cold. His legs were stuck in the mud, so he had not been able to move. He was weak and lost a great deal of strength while trying to find a way out.

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The good person called Itty Bitty Cat Committee, a rescue group in Charleston, West Virginia to call for assistance. “The weather was much colder during that time and a kitten was embeded the freezing mud under a scrap of metal,” Dorella Tuckwiller, owner of IBKC, said.

It took a little team of teamwork to get the poor tiny kitty out of the mud. They wrapped the kitten in a shirt in order to keep him cozy and took him to the vet after.

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” The kitten was dug out and after pleas for help we got him from Huntington to among our wonderful veterinarians, in Charleston. He was so cold that he was transported inside a shirt while being held closely to the heart of the human who was driving.”

The little boy seemed nearly dead when the rescuers brought him to an animal hospital. “He was hypothermic and almost non-responsive by the time he made it to Great Shepherd Veterinarian Hospital.”

But thanks to the assistance and medical care of the whole team of team, he obtained everything he needed to overcome the night. The rescuers also stuck with him to make certain he is healthy at the hospital. The next early morning, he became totally different kitty, full of energy and extremely playful.

They named him Steely Dan and quickly found him a good house. Before locating his new home, he moved into a foster home where he was made sure and loved by his foster mom Kelly and her family. “He is checking things out! Already used the potty and met his brand-new buddies,” Kelly said.

The rescue kitty impressed everyone in his foster home, so the family decided to adopt him. He was renamed Oscar the Man Kitty.

The poor kitty finally located his beloved owners and his forever home! There’s so much joy and love on his face!

“What an incredible prior to and after. What an incredible life this kid is living,” Tuckwiller said.

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