Man Rescues 70 Cats and Needs 3 Apartments to Care for Them

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A man saw the need to care for strays in Morocco, so he rented three apartments and filled them with cats.

We often hear that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. That is true, and giving takes on many different forms.

A good example of this is what one man has done in Morocco. He recognized the danger that stray cats were in, and he decided to do something about it.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

In fact, he took things to an entirely new level when it comes to giving.

Any stray cat needs help, but in Morocco, the situation is dire. According to Pendulum Magazine, there are even more street cats in Morocco than there are people.

A Family Of Cats Is Saved

Yassine shows how much these cats need help in the video below. He starts out by showing us a cardboard box under a car that was full of kittens.

Unfortunately, once those kittens started to walk and could wander about, they would soon be hit by passing cars. He couldn’t allow it to happen, so he took the kittens in to care for them.

This isn’t something that is new to Yassine. He has been saving street cats since 2017 when he moved into his parent’s apartment.

By 2019, he had a second apartment so he could house additional rescues. A third apartment was rented in 2022 for the same reason.

Taking Care of 3 Apartments Full of Cats

Yassine has a daily routine so he can go visit all of the cats and make sure they are fed and cared for. He also provides them with a lot of love while he visits.

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Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

Even when he is at home in his parents’ two-bedroom apartment, the rescue cats sleep in his bedroom. He often ends up sleeping in the living room, but he doesn’t mind.

He admits that he keeps his life simple, yet he has a lot going on. Most of us would have a hard time just caring for three apartments full of cats, let alone having a job and a personal life.

Yassine’s goal is to do more than just get these cats off the street; he wants to see each and every cat adopted into a home that is perfect for them.

As for the kittens in the cardboard box, they are doing very well. Not only did he rescue them and take them to their own room in an apartment, he found the mother and rescued her as well.

In the end, Yassine feels that he is getting more from the cats than they are getting from him. He says they made him a stronger person and he is grateful for all they offer.

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