Meet At-Risk Shelter Pets Waiting To Board Our 21st Birthday Bash Flight To Freedom

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On July 18, over 50 at-risk shelter pets will leave overcrowded Louisiana shelters and fly to Wisconsin to find a forever home.

They will board our 21st Birthday Bash Flight to Freedom, made possible thanks to our non-profit partner Greater Good Charities and your support. Dogs of all ages and sizes will get the second chance they deserve.

The Animal Rescue Site is celebrating 21 years of feeding, caring, and saving shelter pets. We couldn’t ask for a better present than to save even more shelter pets with this special flight.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

But we just received a birthday surprise…

This flight will mark 10,000 pets flown on Good Flights and is another reason to celebrate!

Dog Passengers

Meet some of the featured passengers including the 10,000th passenger below.


Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

A Louisiana woman was heartbroken when she found a tortured pit bull taking shelter under her porch. She turned on the light and saw the sweet pup has been brutally slashed. The abused dog was rushed to the emergency vet for immediate care, all the while feebly wagging her tail as though she knew the worst of her suffering was finally over.

Colima is ready to put her painful past behind her and find a family to love in Wisconsin. Colima is the first pet whose medical care we’ve supported AND who is being flown to freedom!

Heidi & Henry

Photo: Save A Pet

The neglected Doodle mixes were surrendered to animal control and brought to an overcrowded city shelter. Due to lack of space and being owner surrenders, this sweet pair were immediately at risk.

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Photo: Save A Pet

They arrived matted, emaciated, and unsure of their new surroundings. Once they realized that they could trust these new humans, they started to let their personalities shine. The freshly groomed dogs are ready for their next adventure.


Photo: Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter

This 2-year-old Chihuahua mix was surrendered by his owner who was unable to properly care for him. She was heartbroken but knew Peatie deserved to live like a king. This handsome fella is the 10,000 Good Flights passenger and just like all of those before him, he will get a second chance to find a loving home.


Photo: Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter

Puppies are full of energy and require a lot of exercise and training. One family was unable to keep up with a 4-month-old German shepherd puppy and surrendered him to their local shelter. He will board the flight and head to Wisconsin to find his active partner.


Photo: St. Martin Parish Animal Shelter

This pup is unique as his name. He was found by a good Samaritan wandering on a country road who brought him to St. Martin Parish Animal Shelter. The affectionate terrier mix loves to play outside and take a dip in a kiddie pool. He will look for a cool family of his own in Wisconsin.


Photo: Iberville Parish Animal Shelter

Misunderstood Mia is hoping to find a family who will give her the time and energy she needs to thrive. The 5-year-old German shorthair pointer was surrendered because her previous family didn’t have time for her and had unrealistic expectations for her breed.

The well-mannered pup hopes to find the right fit in Wisconsin.

Ophelis & Paisley

Photos: Cara’s House

The flight would not be complete without these adorable fluff balls. The tiny 8-week-old kittens are traveling together to Wisconsin where they will be quickly adopted into loving homes.

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These adorable pets and dozens more cannot wait to break free from the noisy shelter and start their new lives in Wisconsin, but they need your help to get there.

Donate now to help cover the cost of fuel to fly them to safety. Just $5 flies a pet 125 miles towards freedom. Every dollar counts.

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