Meet Cygnus, the Cat with the World’s Longest, Most Luscious Tail

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Meet Cygnus, the Cat with the World's Longest, Most Luscious Tail


Meet Cygnus, the Cat with the World’s Longest, Most Luscious Tail

Lauren and Will Powers, of Ferndale, Michigan, don’t need to dust their home like the rest of us. Their cat, Cygnus, does it for them simply by walking around the area and wagging his extremely long and fluffy tail.

Cygnus Regulus Powers was lately featured in the 2018 Guinness Book of Records for having the “longest tail on a domestic cat”.

The official measurement put his tail at a massive 44.66 cm (17.58 inches) from the base of his butt to the end of the “meat” of his tail, however it must have been done a while earlier, since in June of last year, his owner Will certainly Powers told Love Meow that Cygnus’ tail already measured 18.4 inches (24 inches, if you count the fluff). And considering that the cute Main Coon was just about a year old at the time, his tail must be considerably much longer now.

” It’s well over the world record currently of 16.3 and showing no indications of stopping,” Will Powers informed Love Meow. “The tail expands by about half an inch every month or so. It’s starting to look nearly strange on him. People call him ‘featherduster’ or ‘Door draft blocker’ as the thing is so long and fluffy.”

Photo: Dr. Will Powers @starcats_detroit

“Most of the time when he’s holding the tail ‘upright’, it curls about at the tip and appears like a floofy question mark,” Cygnus’s human dad added.

Photo: Dr. Will Powers @starcats_detroit

However while having a living featherduster for a pet seems fantastic, it also poses some challenges for Will and Lauren. They need to be extra careful when closing doors around the house, as Cygnus tail may obtain caught by accident, and the feline likewise unknowingly dips his lengthy tail into things from time to time, as it stretches so far from his body.

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Photo: Dr. Will Powers @starcats_detroit

Interestingly, Cygnus’ brother, Arcturus, also bagged a Guinness record this year, for the “world’s tallest domestic cat”. The F2 Svannah reaches a stature of 48.4 centimeters (19.05 in) and weighs about 30 pounds. The two get along fantastic together and love nothing more than to play together and cuddle.

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