Fluffy, You’re My Only Hope Kitten Saves Military Veteran’s Life

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Fluffy, You're My Only Hope Kitten Saves Military Veteran's Life


Fluffy, You’re My Only Hope Kitten Saves Military Veteran’s Life

Ronald Williams, an 85-year-old Army veteran, lived alone in Sturgis, Michigan. Then, his daughter recommended he adopt a kitty, one of a set of twins birthed to a friend’s cat.

So he adopted Fluffy, a playful black and white cutie. Little did he know, the kitty would certainly soon save his life. (see video below).

Every day, the veteran would certainly play with Fluffy, talking as they played. When the phone rang, he had a routine of saying the exact same phrase to Fluffy.

Later on, it ended up Fluffy was paying very close attention to his words and appeared to have actually known the meaning.

Williams maintained a clinical alert in case of emergencies. However, one early morning, as he left the shower, he slid and hit his head. Then he couldn’t transfer to call for help. The bathroom door was shut, and his medical alert got on the charger in one more room.

Meanwhile, the veteran’s cellphone got on the bathroom counter, however he couldn’t get to it.

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Fortunately, interested Fluffy enjoyed being in the bathroom, as many cats do. That day, the kitty’s habit of going in the bathroom would certainly be a life-saver.

According to the Sturgis Journal, after 16 hours, Williams started to shed hope and began wishing aid. He had served in Korea, and now the end would come like this?

Then, he felt Fluffy licking his hand. At that moment, he recognized the kitty might be his last chance.

Could the kitten retrieve the mobile phone from the counter and put it where he could reach it?

Amazingly, no more than five mins later, Williams felt the mobile phone hit his hand. After a call to 911 and a trip to the hospital, the veteran just had some bruises, bumps, and soreness.

To him, Fluffy’s actions were absolutely nothing short of amazing. Following the incident, Fluffy was William’s hero.

Currently, the veteran and the kitten would certainly remain inseparable.

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