Mom Walks Into Daughter’s Bedroom And Finds Dozens Of Spiders Crawling On Her Ceiling

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Just a forewarning, if you hate spiders then you’re really going to hate what is to come because it’s every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare. It’s literally a burst of spiders wandering across the wall of a home – the scariest thing that you could potentially see when walking into a room.

One mom happened to stumble upon such a terrifying scene when she walked into her daughter’s bedroom. Talk about a big hell no moment. The unwanted house guests were captured on camera and then uploaded to Twitter.

The scary pictures were shared by Twitter user @PrinPeta, who stated that they are a family friend of the mother and daughter duo. In the photos the person wrote, “Gaaaahhhhhhhh, a friend of mine in Sydney just walked into her daughter’s room and found this [sic].”


The spiders were identified as being Huntsman spiders. They’re a species of spider that is known to grow quite large, as well as be very “fast.” Yeah, no one likes a fast-moving spider.

Naturally, there were plenty of people who were scared by the sight, with one person joking that these images are the reason why “Australia isn’t on my list of emigration options.” I’m inclined to agree after seeing this scary sight.


But not everyone thought that the sight of that many Huntsman spiders gathered in one spot was a bad thing. One Twitter user stated that “Huntsman Spiders are the best house guest to have. They keep your home clear of dangerous bugs. They’re not harmful to humans & they mind their own business.”

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While we understand that these spiders have their own role to play in the world, we can’t imagine that having all of those spiders under one roof. Nah! We’re good.

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