More Ways to Proactively Support Your Local Animal Shelters/Rescues

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Depending on the part of the country you live in, your local animal shelters and rescues may be experiencing overcrowding. It’s not uncommon for large groups of dogs and other pets to be flown or driven from southern states to those in the north in order to balance the supply and demand issues they both face.

This has worked out quite well for both regions, as one is overflowing with surrendered animals, and the other faces a shortage of adoptable pets. While the process has helped, more needs to be done to alleviate overcrowding resulting in euthanasia. Putting pets down is one of the very last things most rescue groups want to see happen.

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Alleviating the Shelter Pet Crisis

So, what can you do to help ease the crisis while lightening the emotional load of staff and volunteers at these shelters who are facing burnout? If you have the time, volunteering can be a wonderful way to help, because they are always looking for an extra set of hands. But what if you don’t have the time, rendering you unable be in two places at once?

Inch by inch, any one of these three ideas can have a tremendous impact:

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Sponsoring Rescue Animals

First off, consider sponsoring adoptable pets. Whether it’s at a shelter, a rescue, or a sanctuary, there are always animals in need of sponsorship. Your money will go towards medical care and treatment, as well as food and upkeep. There are tons of special needs pets and seniors that can benefit from this type of support.

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Covering Adoption Fees

Oftentimes you’ll see an adoptable pet listed with a notification that the adoption fees have been waived in their case because someone has graciously offered to pay them. This is done to help facilitate a quicker turnaround in rehoming the animal and to free up space in the facility they’re held in. Depending on your budget, you can pay for as many as you want.

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Support Animal Transport Teams

With gas prices still high in many parts of the country, donating to charities that perform the actual transfers will really make their day. Groups like Pilots N Paws, Pilots to the Rescue, and others do terrific work all for the love of animals. Another way to help them is to volunteer your aviation skills if you’re a pilot.

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Supporting Animal Rescue

Need more inspiration? Fostering pets or just checking them out for an hour, a day, or a weekend assists facilities that care for homeless animals more than you’ll ever know. In fact, smaller rescues without the means for a brick-and-mortar facility run entirely on a foster basis.

Check out our list of 6 Great Ways to Help Animal Shelters, Rescues, and Sanctuaries Year-Round for more ideas.

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