No one believed “pumpkin head” dog would survive – four weeks later, he has proven everyone wrong

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He was promptly taken to the veterinarian for treatment.

”I went to visit him. I cried; I couldn’t comprehend it. He had no hope; no one had ever cared for him, and he was just a puppy. He was only ten months old,”

Shoelace around the neck

Someone had wrapped a shoelace around his neck, probably when he was a small puppy. However, the lace remained, even as he grew larger. The lace tightened over time, eventually cutting into his flesh.

At the vet’s office, the extent of the dog’s ordeal was shocking. He had been hit by a car, suffering a crushed pelvis and several fractures in his legs. Despite all this, he survived.

Youtube / We Love Animals

”He was very scared at first, but it was as if he knew we wanted to help him. Whatever we needed to do with him, he allowed us to do it, like a fighter,” Anna recounts.

Eventually, the pup got better, and after a month at the vet, Anna brought him home. She named him Gus, and he continued his healing process.

Soon, Gus revealed his true self, becoming beloved in every room he entered. He relished meeting other dogs and enjoyed meeting new people.

Gus’s life today

Initially planning to adopt Gus out as soon as he was healthy enough, Anna couldn’t bring herself to let him go when the time came.

”It was not a difficult decision; I just felt that I’m not going to let him go,” says Anna.

Today, Gus lives with Anna, and they travel to schools, meeting children, something he loves. Gus allows everyone to pet and cuddle him.

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Youtube / We Love Animals

Gus’s case touched an entire country, leading to demonstrations against animal cruelty. He was also named the hero dog of the year and attended a Hollywood gala with his owner.

Life has truly changed for Gus, and you can see in his eyes how much he enjoys life today. He is undoubtedly a dog with a big heart and has truly found his home with Anna.

Watch his incredible transformation in the video below:


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