Not The 10-Year-Old Girl I Planned To Get…

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I lost both of my Shelties suddenly in 2019 and said no more animals. After about two weeks the house was so empty. I decided to get a cat. I hadn’t had a kitty for several years after my last cat died at age 19. He had been thrown away by a neighbor and ended up with me.

I saw a 10-year-old kitty on the Another Chance Cat Rescue in Sanford, ME. They were having an open house, so I went over to see what she was like. I had planned to go back the following Saturday to pick her up. The rescue called me to tell me she had medical issues and was not available for adoption.

Photo: Linda

They told me they had an approximately 6-year-old male Maine Coon cat. He had been abandoned with 2 other cats and 2 dogs. These horrible people had left them locked in a room of their apartment when they moved out. They were there without food or water until the landlord found them.

He had been adopted by a woman and brought back, she said he wasn’t friendly and hid for 3 days. I decided to take him home, I do have to say I wasn’t sure, he would not respond to me when I talked to him.

I brought him home and let him out of the carrier. He slinked out and went upstairs. I left him alone to explore, about 45 minutes later he jumped up in my lap. This is where he is most of the time. I finally figured out why he didn’t respond to me, he is deaf.

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Photo: Pixabay

When I come home if he is asleep, I have to go up to him and gently touch him. He is very vocal and extremely loving. He isn’t the 10-year-old female I planned to get, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything. They named him Dundee and I kept it.

Story submitted by Linda, from Rochester, NH.

Dundee’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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