Over 80 Shelter Dogs & Cats Arrive In New Jersey To Find Forever Homes Thanks To Your Support

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On Monday, June 26, 47 dogs and 35 cats left overcrowded shelters in Louisiana and boarded our Summer Sunshine Flight to Freedom.

The life-saving flight landed in New Jersey where the pets were greeted by smiling faces and transported back to shelters to begin their new lives.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Dogs like Lil’ Anne Dutton, a former hunting dog discarded after hunting season, will never go hungry again. She was one of the lucky passengers on the flight and is looking forward to living a life full of adventure and love.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

She was joined by a German shepherd named Max who is also leaving his painful past behind for the good life.

Dogs and cats of all sizes and ages are getting the second chance they deserve.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

None of this would have been possible without your generous donations, so thank you! The dogs send kisses and the cats purr loudly in appreciation.

Every month, The Animal Rescue Site sponsors a Flight to Freedom with our non-profit partner Greater Good Charities. Highly adoptable dogs and cats at-risk of euthanasia due to lack of space are saved and flown to shelters with open kennels and adopters waiting to meet them.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Learn how you can help by donating towards the cost of fuel for the next flight here.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped unload the shelter pets in the rainy weather. It is a team effort, and we appreciate you!

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Check out the video of the shelter pets arriving in New Jersey below and don’t forget to share!

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