Pup Loses Her Person But Gains a New Family Who Loves Her to Pieces

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We inherited Bebe from my mother-in-law after she passed away. Barb, my mother-in-law, had rescued Bebe from the south after someone surrendered her due to “not living up to their expectations”. She fit right in with Barb and had a wonderful four years until she came to us.


Bebe was already familiar with our family since we visited often. She now had a big sister, Hailie, a black lab mix, and Windy, a domestic cat. She has been a joy to our family with her zoomies and spins that she does when she is excited.

She will be 15 years old in June 2024 and has slowed down some. After losing both Hailie and Windy within a year, we added two domestic cat sisters, Daisy and Iris, and then two Papillon pup sisters to our family. Both pairs have adjusted rapidly to the changes, and they have been keeping Bebe busy and, for the most part, happy. The pups can be a little much for her at times.


When Bebe had her teeth cleaned two years ago, they found two BB’s under her skin in her jaw that were removed and another one that could not be removed. Now we know why she is very frightened by loud bangs and thunderstorms.

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We have had her for six years and she has been a joy, despite her terrible beginning before Barb got her and the changes she accepted in her life: Moving from a family that was abusive to two families that have and do love her very much.


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