Puppy Finds a Forever Home After Wandering into Naval Base

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Puppy Finds a Forever Home After Wandering into Naval Base

Some pups are simply born under a lucky star.

The fact that this little pooch was a stray didn’t mess up his plans or his destiny. He knew in the bottom of his heart that he would land himself a nice hooman. 

The law of attraction is clear: pawsitive thoughts bring pawsitive results.

That day, with all his courage and a level of confidence you could envy him for, this little guy just waltzed onto a naval base and…

… found a hooman that would take care of him!

As simple as that!

Griffon Decided He Doesn’t Want The Life Of A Stray

stray puppy sitting by a soldier's legSource: Paws of War

So, what does Griffin do? He walks onto a naval base and picks himself a hooman.

Learn from his example! 

This good boi just walked in and decided he wanted an owner.

The stray life was no good for him and he wanted a change.

Born and raised on the streets, this 6-month-old pupper knew that street life wasn’t for him. It was too rough for Griffin’s kind soul. 

Enter the scene, one U.S. naval base overseas, one U.S. Naval Commander, and the rest of his companions at the base.

man in an army uniform holding the stray puppySource: Paws of War

When the Commander saw Griffin approaching him, he knew the pup was destined to wander inside their base. You don’t get to see many dogs just entering a military facility every day.

“A U.S. Naval Commander saw the little dog and immediately recognized he wouldn’t survive long alone in such a dangerous environment; scooping the pup up into his arms as he was reminded of his unit’s motto “Those who arrive alive, leave alive” and he knew it had to apply to this little soul too”, Paws Of War, a non-profit organization, reported on their Facebook page.

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When the rumor spread that there was a puppy on the base, everyone went nuts. They all wanted to meet the little guy that had so much courage to enter the facility with so many big, mighty guys. 

stray puppy sticking his tongue while being heldSource: Paws of War

The army suits and the big guns didn’t scare little Griffin. He won their hearts, knocked them out of their military boots, and made himself a tiny hero. 

The Commander, who wanted to stay anonymous, said he doesn’t want to leave Griffin behind. Originally from Maryland, this brave soldier has a wife and kids who were beyond ecstatic to have a pup like Griffin. 

Little Griffin became family.

Little Griffin became a beam of light in everyone’s daily life. 

And, little Griffin made his wish come true: he got himself the hooman he deserved.

commander holding the stray puppy named griffinSource: Paws of War

Thanks to support and donations to Paws of War, the non-profit organization that provides service dogs to veterans, Griffin was able to move from the base to Maryland, into his new family home.

He was reunited with his Commander, the first person he laid eyes on, and the first hooman being who understood how precious Griffin really is. 

Today, Griffin serves and protects his family, just the way his hooman daddy does.

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