Rescuing an older cat who needed help

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We found this sweet angel by herself on a freezing winter morning. She was around 7 years old, just a few teeth left, and starving – clearly an indoor cat without a winter coat or any idea what to do next. And she was pregnant. This story addresses one of the most difficult (and least discussed) topics: spaying pregnant cats.

Most animal lovers are not aware of the scale of NYC’s cat overpopulation crisis. That’s partially because the narrative is always about happy stuff like rescue and adoption. Most groups (understandably) prefer not to share the harsh realities of our work, like pregnant spay, for fear of alienating supporters. But we believe everyone should see the truth so that we can get serious about addressing the root causes.

We ask those who are also upset about pregnant spay and shelter euthanasia to join us in taking action to prevent it from being necessary. Fewer cats giving birth on the street means more support for all the cats who have already been born.

We named her Bella, but now in retirement she goes by Liquid Thunder aka LT, and her life is a dream.

This story also highlights the joys of adopting a senior cat ready for retirement. Studies show the likelihood of a cat being adopted from a shelter decreases as they age. There is a sweet senior just like Bella in a shelter near you, waiting for her moment in the sun.

Stats from ASPCA and Shelter Animals Count:

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