Road Puppy Burned In Fire Sprints To Father And Leaps Into His Arms

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Road Puppy Burned In Fire Sprints To Father And Leaps Into His Arms

Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes in order to get brand-new life, so did Pongo. A terrible fire left the puppy orphaned and alone. The little warrior needed medical attention in order to survive– if only someone could get to her in time.

Thankfully a brave couple located Pongo and drove three hours to the vet clinic. Her facial burns made it tough for her to open her eyes. Walking was likewise challenging for Pongo because of malnutrition. The poor girl needed to combat difficult in order to recover, but Pongo had lots of fight in her!

With a devoted vet staff, and a lot of care, Pongo’s burns began to heal. Since the pup was getting lots of calories into her, she not only walked better– she playfully ran about with the cutest puppy smile. As her health consistently improved, Pongo had the ability to join the other puppies in their designated location. She was thrilled to make new friends!

The next step was for Pongo to go to her forever home. Pongo was placed into a special program that places pets with older folks. Her new dad couldn’t wait to hold her and spoil her! When she met him, she jumped right into his caring arms. We are so thankful for this rescue and others like it thanks to the Canine Care Clinic.

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