Senior Cat Has Been At Shelter For 2,803 Days Without A Single Application

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Senior cats are often overlooked for younger cats, especially ones that are more independent and not overly affectionate.

But all cats deserve a family of their own who love them just the way they are.

A 10-year-old cat named Gray Belle has been at Chesapeake Feline Association, a no-kill feline rescue in Maryland, for 2,803 days (over 7 years) and has never had a single application for adoption.

This heartbreaking news was shared on the rescue’s TikTok with a video of the beautiful cat. They explain that Gray Belle will need a patient home who will give her the space she needs. “Although she dislikes most people, there are a few special people that she allows to touch her.”

Meet Gray Belle in the video below.


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She does enjoy the company of other cats and loves treats. The rescue knows her perfect match is out there and hopes to find them soon.

Her caretakers shared in her bio, “A perfect adopter would be someone who is patient, kind and can enjoy having a cat who is very independent.”

Anyone interested in adopting her can apply here. Her new family would need to meet her in person first to make sure it is a good fit. Be sure to share her story so she can finally find a home to rule in her golden years.

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