Vacationing Family Helps Cat Get Its Head Unstuck from a Metal Can

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This particular situation is likely the last thing a family vacationing in Maui expected to experience. But when it occurred, they didn’t hesitate to take action to rescue a fellow living being in need.

The family was out and about seeing the beautiful sights of the island when they ran across a resident feline who’d found itself in a rather unlucky situation. Our best guess is that the cat had been scrounging for food in a nearly empty metal can when it accidentally put its head too far inside and couldn’t get it back out. That’s one way to absolutely ruin your appetite.

Photo: Facebook/The Pet Collective

Of course, the cat was terrified, so when one of the family members attempted to pick it up to help it, it freaked out and tried to run away. The family lost control of the animal several times during the course of the video, and it also appeared that the cat was successful in scratching the man as well. We can’t really blame it, and luckily, the family didn’t either.

Instead, the man untied his jacket from around his waist and used that to try to keep the cat still while another family member gently tugged at the can. It took a few moments, as they were worried about injuring the cat by pulling too hard on its head or slicing its skin with the sharp edge of the can. However, when they were finally able to get it off, the cat appeared unharmed.

Photo: Facebook/The Pet Collective

Of course, we wish the family had been able to get the feline to a veterinarian’s office or a shelter for a better checkup, but when you’re on vacation in an unfamiliar place without a vehicle or other resources to work with, that’s easier said than done. Not to mention the cat didn’t seem particularly keen on hanging around. As soon as it saw a way to escape, it ran as far away as it could get in a matter of just a couple of seconds.

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This family wasn’t obligated to do anything at all for the cat, so we can appreciate that they did what they felt they could, and that’s probably enough to enable the cat to get back to living its life.


We hope this video serves as a reminder not to litter and to make sure your trash and recycling always properly disposed of. It only takes one piece of trash with a morsel of food left inside to trap a hungry creature and suffocate or starve it.

Check out the video below to see this rescue.

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