Shelter Cat is Persistent with Woman, She Later Learns He Has the Same Name As Her Beloved Uncle

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Three generations of women were living together in one house: my mother, my daughter and myself. We had a cat named Henry, who my brother had adopted and named after our maternal grandfather. He became ours when my brother relocated.

CAT. PHOTO: PIXABAY / Светлана Бердник

Henry got very ill and had to be put down. We were very sad and went for a long time without a feline companion. When my daughter decided that all she wanted for Christmas was another cat, we went to our local shelter.


Henry was a handsome gray and white male cat, and we had decided we would look for a Calico or orange tabby so this cat would be different. We looked at the older cats and not one was our cat. There were many cages of kittens, so I went over and looked at the orange cat in the front when suddenly a paw smacked my arm and a big meow came from the cage in back of me.


I turned around and there was a black male kitten. He looked me in the eyes and just meowed. My daughter came over to see him and he playfully meowed at her. When we walked away, a man came over to see him and he turned his back on this man and ignored him. When my mom visited him, he engaged with her also.

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The shelter had named him Charlie. We knew he had picked us to be his forever family. You see, my grandfather Henry had a brother named Charlie. Charlie always lived with Henry and my grandmother. We were meant to be a family.


Story submitted by Kellie Baker from Weehawken, New Jersey.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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