Surrendered Cat With Life-Threatening Urinary Obstruction Undergoes Risky Surgery And Survives

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Veterinarians are our heroes. They work tirelessly to care for animals and are always willing to go the extra mile to save a life. A story about a resilient feline and his determined vet will have you believing in miracles.

Meet Garfield.

The orange tabby arrived at a Home of Rescued Animals in Ukraine with a life-threatening urinary obstruction. His owners could not care for him any longer and made the difficult decision to surrender him in hopes that he would get the care he needed.

Photo: Home of Rescued Animals

His prognosis was grim, but that didn’t stop his vet from exploring other options. The only way to save Garfield was with a complex surgery that would remove all genital and urinary organs and create an alternate pathway for urine.

The surgery was a success! Garfield is recovering at the shelter and remains in good spirits.

Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Medical fund is working with the shelter to help cover his costly surgery and ongoing recovery but needs your support.

The fund helps save the lives of shelter animals by providing grants to cover the cost of medical care to shelter and rescues.

The shelter faces another issue as they head into winter – keeping the animals warm. They are in desperate need of heaters to keep the animals safe as frigid weather moves in. They are also in need of veterinary equipment to care for the current animal resident and the new ones that arrive in need of medical attention.

Many pets in Ukraine, like Garfield, still desperately need help. Your gift today supports the cost of care for pets like Garfield, and helps Greater Good Charities provide shelters in Ukraine with much-needed veterinary equipment, heating and electricity.

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Join us in lending a helping hand to the innocent animals and the dedicated people working to save their lives.

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