“The Coors Field Cat” Who Has Lived At The Ballpark For The Past 10 Years Is Looking For Home To Retire

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Coors Field in downtown Denver, Colorado, is home to Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies and a black cat named Smokey.

The handsome feline has many names (Smokey, Midnight, Blacky), but most people know him as “The Coors Field Cat”.

He has lived at the ballpark “as long as anyone can remember”, and fans always look forward to seeing him. Devoted caretakers come daily – rain or shine – to feed and check on Smokey.

Photo: Pixabay

While he still enjoys “exploring the ballpark, chasing mice, and napping in the sun”, he is slowing down and needs a loving home to enjoy his golden years.

He has been the unofficial head mouser for the past decade, according to Animal Rescue of the Rockies, which is assisting in finding him a home to retire in.

Smokey is FIV+ and can live with other cats but due to his shy nature would do best in a home as an only cat. The rescue shared, “He is shy with strangers but warms up to his regular caretakers…allowing petting and handling… on his own terms.”

Screenshot: Animal Rescue of the Rockies

He has one other request… “While he’s looking for an indoor home, he would greatly benefit from a secure ‘catio’ where he can watch birds, feel the breeze, and reminisce about the good old days.”

The iconic cat may never be super cuddly, but he will love you in his own way.

The rescue is determined to find him the perfect match, so they are conducting interviews and home visits to ensure it is the best fit for Smokey.

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Numerous applications from the Denver area have been submitted and he is currently listed as “pending” on the rescue’s website. They encourage adopters to consider their other special needs cats who would also love to find a home.

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