Twenty years old cat gets adopted by 101 year old lady

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Twenty years old cat gets adopted by 101 year old lady


Twenty years old cat gets adopted by 101 year old lady

Gus is a twenty years old sanctuary cat that was given up by his former owner because of unforeseen conditions.

When at the shelter, Gus was provided a health testing that showed he was “exceptional healthy”– for a twenty years old cat! however, they knew that having to invest his golden years in a sanctuary environment was going to take a toll on the wellbeing of a cat his age.

Gus, an ‘exceptional healthy’ 20 year-old cat

Soon after Gus’s arrival, the shelter director received an unexpected phone call from a family looking for a pet who could be a companion for their aging mother. Much more specifically, they asked if there was a senior cat they could adopt.

The family explained that their 101-year-old mom, Penny, had recently lost her cat, and though they would certainly provided her a stuffed cat to cuddle with rather, she simply wasn’t pleased with something that really did not purr.

After losing her beloved cat, Penny wasn’t pleased with having simply a soft toy that really did not purr.

At the shelter, team were cautious due to the age of all parties, but the family claimed they were willing to take care of the cat on behalf on their mother.

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It was a “match made in heaven” and the adoption was rapidly finalized. It’s rather clear that this duo was meant to be and Gus is already suitable right in at his brand-new home.

Gus enjoys seeing the squirrels outside their door.

Gus and Penny’s tale is a heartwarming example of just exactly how important the bond between humans and their animals is, and that it’s never too late for a ‘perfects’ ending!

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