Two of the Most Iconic Muscle Cars: 1968 & 1969 Dodge Chargers

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You have probably seen lots of muscle cars so far, but have ever thought what does this term means exactly?

The term “muscle car” is used to describe a variety of high-performance vehicles with a big and heavy motor. There are certain opinions and criteria on people’s minds about what makes a vehicle a muscle car and what doesn’t, but the term usually applies to two- door, rear-wheel drive, mid-size cars typically powered by strongV8 engines. Today, muscle cars are popular all across the country. If you’re lucky enough you can see a couple of them driving down the streets. If you’re not that lucky just don’t worry. We’re here for you! Checking out the videos we share on a daily basis you can enjoy these badass machines in full detail. In today’s video, for example, you’re going to see not one but two muscle cars: 1968 and 1969 Dodge Chargers, two American legends that revolutionized the industry. These two classic Mopar muscle cars are filmed arriving to a car meet. One comes after another, and it offers us an amazing show to please our eyes.

Click on the play button to see two of the mist iconic muscle cars in the American automotive industry and have some fun!

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