Young man spots “tennis balls” out on walk – looks closer and sees them moving

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There’s a good probability that if you hike frequently, you will occasionally come upon some really unexpected items.

I am certain that I do. I’ve tried to walk the trails near my house at least twice or three times a week for the past few years. Let me tell you, during this procedure, I have encountered some unusual sights, noises, and odors.

That being said, I’ve never encountered anything quite like the man who encountered a scenario that would have caused anyone to pause for consideration while out and about in Peterborough, UK.

The man in question saw what he thought to be hundreds of tennis balls all collected together on the forest floor as he cleared a tree line and emerged on the crest of a depression.

Now, to say that they stood out in the scenery would be an understatement, so our astonished hiker approached to take a closer look.

When he did, he saw that they were actually living things rather than just tennis balls!

It was really astonishing to learn that he had discovered a sizable brood of chicks, who couldn’t have been hatched for more than a day.

Regretfully, the prevailing opinion on the internet is that a person or people had abandoned the chicks to perish there, never for a second imagining that someone would find them while they were still alive.

It goes without saying that the odd discovery quickly prompted the authorities, who then loaded the birds into crates in order to save them.

Without a doubt, I’ve never seen anything like this when out and about. Have you? Please tell us in the comments section.

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