30 Dogs Who Have No Idea How Big They Are

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30 Dogs Who Have No Idea How Big They Are

Doggos are the most loved and commonly found type of pet in the world. They come in all types and sizes. Some of them are fluffy, some of them get their fur trimmed, they come in different breeds and there are differences as such. But this article brings you a set of giants in the doggo world!

Even though people considered dogs to be smaller animals who are just fluffy and playful, some dogs do grow into huge giants. But the best part of it is that these dogs do not grow into giants in their hearts even if their bodies grow. So we thought of collecting some photos of very big dogs all over the world and listing them down for you. These amazing photos were found online as their proud owners shared their pictures on social media for the world to see. So, scroll down and check out this list of photos below!

#1. Their Age Gap Is 16 Months.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: boredpanda
#2. A Huge Unit.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: tautly

#3. He Is 87.5 % Gray Wolf.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: Shy Wolf Sanctuary
#4. Guys, Meet Bruce Wayne.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: jasoncorey411

#5. A Snuggly Bear.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: JoThePro10

These doggos are not fat. They are healthy and in shape. It’s their genetics and proper nutrition that has made them this huge! Some of these dogs might have old and wild genetics of their wild ancestors that have made them the giants they are.

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#6. Meet Lincon On His 1st Birthday!
Big DogsPhoto Credit: bmoc9891

#7. A Giant Irish Wolfhound.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: mac_is_crack
#8. Big Boy Needs His Pooh.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: drak0bsidian

#9. Big Boy Vibes.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: AAlexanderK
#10. Hello There Little One.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: beautifulntrealistic

As you can see, almost all of these dogs have not grown out of their puppy-hearts. They still love to be the cuddly puppies that they used to be. So you will see most of them sitting on their owners’ laps or asking for huggies all day long.

#11. 150 Pound Carl.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: Attentive_cactus
#12. A Giant English Sheep Dog.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: zammypup

#13. This Is How Good Boys Ride The Train.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: shaigolan810
#14. Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog.
Big DogsPhoto Credit:vladgrinch

#15. Huggies.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: photodw

So, if you are a dog owner, make sure your dog gets its proper nutrition and exercises in.

#16. Just Another Dog Having A Seat.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: YeAreaSaysYay

#17. He Is A Support Dog!
Big DogsPhoto Credit: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
#18. Having A Drive With Chewbacca?
Big DogsPhoto Credit: TheGospelOfMark

#19. A Bit Scared At The Vet.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: PussyandBagels
#20. Simba, A Leonberger.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: reddit.com

If you think these big dogs are harder to train, that is a myth. If you train them properly, any dog will be obedient. If it doesn’t go according to plan, well then you might have a bit of a problem.

#21. The Owner Is 6’2″
Big DogsPhoto Credit: ScottPuppy
#22. A Huge Boi.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: ENZOxDV1

#23. Up For A Car Ride?
Big DogsPhoto Credit: ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss
#24. One Year Old Boy.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: doods.gus.and.ollie

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#25. A Big Spanish Mastiff.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: cassious64

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

#26. A Big Yawn Of A Big Boy.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: Skierdude821

#28. Fluffy!
Big DogsPhoto Credit: selbythesamoyed
#29. 93 Lb German Shepherd!
Big DogsPhoto Credit: wellhellooosailor

#30. Sitting Down At The Vet.
Big DogsPhoto Credit: Chimtor

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