A Dog Trapped Under Rocks On The Beach Cries For Help

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A Dog Trapped Under Rocks On The Beach Cries For Help

It was a frightening situation that needed everything to work perfectly in order for the dog to be saved.

Everyone knows that a lot of dogs love the beach. They enjoy working on the sand, chasing the surf, and seeing the gulls soar above the waves. A day spent at the beach is enjoyable for dogs and is usually safe.

But that wasn’t the case for this dog located on Ocean Beach in California.

A runner on the beach heard a dog in distress so they followed the cries to locate it. It turned out the dog was trapped under a pile of rocks. The scared dog peered up at the runner however couldn’t get out.

Animal control was contacted us to the scene but had difficulty locating the canine. By this time the poor puppy wasn’t making a sound and the runner had actually taken place their way. But thankfully, the runner had taken a photo of the dog and sent it to the animal control officer, which eventually helped him locate her.

The officer said if he hadn’t searched in every crevice in between the rocks, the dog would certainly never ever have been located. But he searched and searched through all the rocks till suddenly a wonderful black and white face was searching for at him.

However finding the dog was just the first challenge. Next, he needed to figure out just how to obtain her out. She was somehow tightly wedged in between the rocks. She was nestled in a small opening and with the tide coming in, there was little time left to obtain her out.

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Without any other choices, the officer used his brute strength to push a rock away. However the canine had not been moving. She was frozen in fear and perhaps injured. So, he picked her as much as see if she was okay.

To his relief, the canine was uninjured. Once she calmed down, she thanked him with a huge lick on the face. He after that checked her for a microchip and quickly located her owners, who were looking everywhere for her.

It ended up that the canine had disappeared while on a morning stroll on the beach. Her proprietors were grateful she was found. The officer showed them where she was located and they were shocked however grateful she was saved.

Thanks to the runner for caring enough to call for help and animal control for not giving up, this rescue tale had a happy ending It’s also a great reminder to have a GPS or AirTag, along with your microchip, to assist you quickly find your dog.

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