Adventure Mary camping. I cooked fish on the fire and stayed overnight 🏕️ #asmr

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Sunny greetings my viewers ☀️ I hasten to take you on adventures with me today. In this video you will be with me at the campsite, where we will see walking horses and set up a tent in which I will spend the whole night. Let’s cook delicious fish and take a walk along the beach. And as always, I will delight you with the sounds of nature. I know you love it and you like these moments in the video because I enjoyed the sounds of nature all night. I’m glad you stay with me and watch my videos on my channels. You need to spend the night in the wild more often; it’s an interesting feeling and it really relaxes me, and you’ll really like it too ❤️. The fish turned out to be incredibly tasty and healthy. The sandwich was an excellent pairing with fish. It was great, I definitely want to repeat this dish in the future 😋 See you in the next video 🥰

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Adventure Mary ❤️

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Adventure Mary camping. I cooked fish on the fire and stayed overnight

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