In solo camping, I cooked red fish with potatoes baked on a fire. Overnight in a tent in the forest

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In this solo camping adventure, I ventured into the peaceful wilderness to cook up a delicious meal of red fish and baked potatoes over a crackling fire. As the sun set, I settled into my tent surrounded by the sounds of the forest, ready to spend a cozy night under the stars.

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Hello my beloved viewers. I’m glad to see you on my channel! Today I will show you my next solo trip to a deep forest with beautiful nature. I packed my hiking backpack to the maximum, as I am going to an unknown area, everything can come in handy for me.
And I myself wonder how my fragile shoulders can carry a heavy backpack for so long! I was lucky with the weather, there was no rain. I choose to set up a tent in an interesting place where it will be convenient to light a fire. It was not difficult for me to find branches and saw myself firewood. I kindle the fire quickly and confidently. Today for lunch I have red fish and new potatoes. For dessert, I chose sweet dates with delicious tea. The day passed uneventfully. I’m tired of the hike climb into the tent. I change clothes for a comfortable sleep, pack the body in a sleeping bag and fall asleep sweetly. In the forest, the most sound sleep.
I look forward to your comments and questions under my video. I’m glad when you comment and like. Thanks for watching and see you soon 🥰
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