In solo camping, I cooked red fish with potatoes baked on a fire. Overnight in a tent in the forest

In this solo camping adventure, I ventured into the peaceful wilderness to cook up a delicious meal of red fish and baked potatoes over a crackling fire. As the sun set, I settled into my tent surrounded by the sounds of the forest, ready to spend a cozy night under the stars. USA Amazon: 🗡️Bushcraft … Đọc tiếp

The beauty is alone camping by the warm lake, cooking outdoors | Nature sounds ASMR

Full video: The beauty is alone camping by the warm lake, #cooking #outdoors | Nature sounds #asmr In this soothing and immersive video, join a lone camper as she sets up camp by a picturesque, warm lake, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature. Experience the tranquility of her outdoor adventure as she cooks delicious … Đọc tiếp

Adventure Mary camping. I cooked fish on the fire and stayed overnight 🏕️ #asmr

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