Calling Card: Making Process of 1967 Mustang Fastback by the Restomod Shop

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Throughout the United States, one can find thousands of custom shops in every state, but only very few of them are qualified enough to build remarkable cars that will stand out in the crowd and catch all the wondering eyes on.

The Restomod Shop, located in Independence, Missouri, is beyond any doubt among these rare custom shops. Providing various services to its highly satisfied customers from all around the world, the Restomod Shop designs and builds some very impressive cars, putting their expertise to work and making their customers’ dream come true. They build and restore all kinds, makes and models, but Mustangs hold a special place in their hearts. When it comes to restoring a Mustang, especially a ’66 Mustang, they set the work with a great enthusiasm and make wonders that will drop the jaws of customers. In today’s video, which is actually an awesome collage of photographs, we’re checking out the whole process of a 1967 Mustang Fastback being built by the professional team of the Restomod Shop. Nicknamed as the “Calling Card”, this ’67 Mustang is a machine that they built for the shop not for a customer. The process includes a lot of body modifications, such as lowered rockers, front spoiler, rear roll pan, extended and pointed nose, rear spoiler, scooped quarter windows, filled side scoops, and shaved drip rails. The interior is kept less touched with a “stockish” look. The paint is own version of Chrysler Snakeskin green and matte charcoal stripes. It runs on a Supercharged 5.0 5sp engine.

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Watch the video paying attention to details and see how a masterpiece is built!

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